Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The current slate of potential Republican candidates for the nomination is a “Confederacy of Dunces” to borrow a phrase from John Kennedy Toole. The gibberish they feel necessary to spout on economics is embarrassing. Is it too much to ask that one of them shows some backbone and stands up for something that makes sense or is actually good for the country? Some want to jail the Federal Reserve Chairman, some want  the banking industry to be allowed to gouge the consumer, some want the banking industry destroyed, some want no regulation on Wall Street, some want no taxes on our most fortunate citizens, some don’t want to improve our infrastructure. This collection of idiots has not produced one workable idea concerning our economic problems. This is especially true of Romney who as Governor of Massachusetts showed promise, innovative approaches and flexibility. Lost in all the over the top babble from this group is the needs of the country and the citizens who are affected.

College kids cannot find work, laid off workers cannot get rehired, China and the Far East are becoming larger and larger economic competitors, we are still dependent on foreign oil which tortures our foreign policy. Why don’t they care? Why don’t they have any ideas? Why do they advocate the exact same policies that produced the economic malaise? Why don’t they deal in reality? Is there some IQ test to run for the Republican nomination that eliminates all people who score over room temperature? What happened to the Grown-ups in the GOP?

Every instance when a potential candidate has shown some moderation the far right attacks and the candidate retreats faster than a speeding bullet. Rick Perry felt it was unfair to children of illegal immigrants to be charged out of state tuition at Texas schools. He reasoned it was not their fault and getting a good education would ultimate make them better citizens, yet he couldn’t backtrack fast enough when the wacko’s attacked him. Mitt Romney worked out a health care plan that benefited the citizens of his state when he was governor but has gone to great lengths to deny it even exists. If you are trying to get a leadership job (President of the US) shouldn’t you show some real leadership by stating what you believe, acting on it and standing up to those who disagree?

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  1. Rich, I've read over most of your blog and find myself agreeing with you over and over again.

    I suppose that if we sat down and laid all our opinions out, we'd find ourselves in disagreement about some things, but to see someone who is heavily entrenched in the financial community having such sensible ideas gives me hope.

    I wonder how many more there are like you? Do you know of other people like yourself who share similar views?