Monday, November 28, 2011

The Egyptian public is in the streets because they suspect rightly that nothing has changed in the government. The military has made some cosmetic changes but the same people are in power and they are doing the same things.

The picture in Washington DC seems to echo the concerns of the people in the street in Cairo.

The leading Republican candidate at the moment is a former lobbyist for Freddie Mac;

MF Global went out of business and customer funds cannot be located while all the regulatory authorities seem paralyzed (again);

The Senate is already trying to exempt defense contractors from budget cuts (again) set in motion by the failure of the "super committee" and

The Europeans are willing to pursue a liquidity solution to a solvency problem (again)

The encouraging news is that the holiday shopping season is off to a good start showing the consumer is feeling a little better about the economy. The average American businessmen does not stand still; he /she will respond to economic challenges by working harder, trying different approaches and keeping the overhead in check while they rebuild their business. All this is good for the economy. Most people are not concerned with global issues, what they focus on is the immediate problem at work or business. The US economy is always changing and the American people accept this fact whether it is working for or against them. We deserve leaders who have faith in us and recognize we can take bad news, we can take hard times, we will work our way out of it and what we really need is government to do is get their house in order and address the budget gap from both sides of increased revenue and lower spending.

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