Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things that seem obvious to me:

The purpose of Private Equity companies like Bain Capital is to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time for themselves and their investors;

The country can’t continue to keep borrowing and spending forever, eventually the accounts must be balanced;

Rich people should probably pay a little more in taxes;

Entitlements could be cut or means tested without harming the economy or the people who need the support;

The housing market will be weak and sluggish for another five years;

Government’s investing in the infrastructure of the nation is a good thing for both the country’s future and the current economy;

The defense budget is too large and could take reductions without ever affecting national security;

The fiscal measures implemented by the various states which bring public employee benefits more in line with the private sector enjoys wide spread support cutting across party lines;

Three years after the financial meltdown there are a lot of settlements between banks, Insurance companies, mortgage servicers etc. every day, which is how the system eventually resets itself;

Economic activity will be lumpy in 2012 with strength in consumer discretionary spending and weakness in all things housing related.

The economy will be some variation of OK going into the November election.

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