Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The silly season is upon us. Apparently the House of Representatives flunked 6th grade civics and doesn't really understand how our system of government works. If you want to get rid of a law you need to pass the new law in both houses and send it to the President to sign and if the President vetoes it you need a super majority to overturn it. This would entail making a coherent case for the new law and working hard to convince people that this is in their best interest. It is much easier to keep shouting to people who agree with you and avoid the messy process of actually doing something constructive. I guess we get the Congress we deserve. As an aside I do not know whether the Affordable Health Care Act will be good or bad, I do know as a business owner for 30 years that the current system is too expensive and inefficient.

I think if Congress is willing to "shut" the Government they should go all the way. Close the airports, the ports, the interstate, stop funding for Congress including pay for members, don't send Social Security checks, turn out the lights in the Capitol, tell the soldiers to go home, stop the defense plants in the congressional districts, etc. The current shut down has all the sincerity of a TV "reality" show. Just when you think Congress can't sink any lower they manage to lower the bar, again.

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